My name is Kiki Marselou

I'm a mum to 2 young children and my journey into natural health started a few years ago. I am a highly qualified pharmacist and a medicines expert, who is also trained in medical homeopathy, nutraceuticals and herbal remedies. I also hold a post-graduate Diploma in Natural Health Products and I am certified in Plant-based Nutrition from Winchester University. I was also recently in Lifestyle Approaches for Cancer Patients(Winchester University).

Inspired by Hippocratic teachings, I have a special interest in chronic inflammation and how this can lead to several diseases. My clinics are aimed at restoring health, through a combination of nutritional supplements, an anti-inflammatory diet, and herbal or other natural remedies.

I often work with patients on prescription medicines, because my expertise in both in conventional medicine and natural integrative health, allows me to understand possible interactions and advice with confidence the best and safest approach even for those already on conventional pharmacological treatments.

I currently divide my time between my holistic practice, training the next generation of health professionals for the Diploma in Integrative Medicine, and being a mother of two lively children. I enjoy exercising outdoors and I love preparing Mediterranean meals for my friends.

It has been a natural path for me embracing Integrative Healthcare and Homeopathy. My personal experience convinced me of how important is for our well being a balanced nutrition, integration with supplements, and where appropriate, homeopathic remedies. A personal experience backed up with years of studies and expertise in the healthcare field!

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I offer a free 15 minute call to discuss about your needs and answer any questions you might have about how a natural approach works, or about homeopathy.

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