NaturalVitaHealth packages

Booking a returning client consultation package can provide access to resources for living a holistic, vibrant, and healthy life. You will get a personalised plan with:

  • nutritional advice for wellbeing
  • which supplements or herbal remedies can improve your health
  • homeopathic consultation to improve resilience and wellbeing
  • access to 10% discount the original price if paid in advance
  • unlimited support through emails
  • 10%discount in supplements from the Natural Dispensary.

Examples of popular packages are:

Female health

Popular for women with pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms, and with women experiencing debilitating premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or for recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

This package will provide with: suggestions for the homeopathic remedy matching the symptom picture, suggestions on dietary supplementation, and nutritional interventions that will help restore vitality and alleviate symptoms related to female health.

Post-viral fatigue

As well as exhaustion, patients with post-viral fatigue feel generally unwell. The difference with chronic fatigue syndrome is that we know the cause, which is a viral infection, such as Eipstein Barr virus, Covid-19, flu, enterovirus. Increased levels of proinflammatory cytokines, which promote inflammation, and nervous tissue inflammation, are often related to post-viral fatigue.

My treatment plan focuses in suggesting the appropriate homeopathic remedy to gently restore energy, a homeopathic detox plan, a tailor-made dietary supplementation, and nutritional interventions that will help restore vitality and alleviate symptoms related to chronic fatigue.

Anxiety, panic attacks & sleep issues

We’re living through challenging times right now and some people may be feeling more anxious than usual. Homeopathy offers a safe and natural option to help us manage anxiety.

Homeopathy tries to address the deeper causes of the disease origin. Being made of natural ingredients, the risk of drug dependency is eliminated.

Homeopathy is also completely safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding, making it a side effect free approach to postnatal depression.

Package pricing:

All packages consist of 1 initial consultation (90 minutes) and 2 follow up consultations about 6 weeks apart (60 minutes each). The cost is £195.

Please note: remedies and supplements are not included.

Get in touch

I offer a free 15 minute call to discuss about your needs and answer any questions you might have about how a natural approach works, or about homeopathy.

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